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Our Services

Our company focuses on the success of our Independent Professionals. We focus on quality and as such we’re able to produce the best professionals within our partner networks. We are dedicated to making our Independent Professionals the highest performing in their respective industries.

Our focus is on helping new Independent Professionals through the recruitment process. We are here to help from the beginning starting with the enrollment process, selecting and certifying with their first client, getting paid and beyond.


Report Processing

You will receive a detailed report identical to that which we receive from our partners. Nothing is hidden or held back. You receive all bonuses and incentives offered to your business by the client.

Record Keeping

A copy of your client opportunity and contract is kept on file for the time frame in which you provide services to the client. You are also given a copy of your client contract for your own records which outlines your pay rate and contractual minimum requirements.

Support Services

A wide variety of services are provided to help you become and remain successful with your client. We have an amazing support page full of information. We also have a support line and we have an active online community where hundreds of our team members are available for support and encouragement.

Support Managers

Support Managers are in place to help with your quality and metrics. They will guide you on how to perform better and provide better service to your accounts. We encourage our team members to meet with their support managers often and to always look for ways to grow and improve.

Incident Research & Resolution

Our dedicated team will advocate on your behalf, researching every issue and providing the detailed feedback that we receive and expediting a resolution. We have a 100% resolution success rate!


Administrative Support

Here at Kirsten & Associates, our ultimate goal is to have the top performing Independent Professionals for our client partners. In order to provide the support and infrastructure necessary for our Independent Professionals to achieve top performance, we charge a simple flat service fee of $25 to $39.25 per invoice period in addition to the fee our partner may charge which is anywhere from $0.01 per minute to $25.

Kirsten & Associates is a Premier Partner!

Kirsten & Associates has been chosen out of thousands of IBOs to be a Premier Partner! Only a small percentage are chosen based on quality and integrity. Kirsten & Associates is a transparent, positive, energetic company!

  • Special Voucher Offers: Partnering with a Premier Partner IBO means that you will have access to special voucher offers you will not be able to find elsewhere!
  • Support Community: Kirsten & Associates has a very active support community. With hundreds of client service professionals on our team, someone is always quick to answer.
  • Direct Line Of Communication: Kirsten & Associates has a direct line of communication with each network because we are a Premier Partner. Our liaison is available to help with questions and issues and are always quick to communicate!

We so look forward to working with you! Get started here.

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Mellanie Brown

United States

Referred by one of our existing csp's and began servicing on 2 client programs, taking calls for one and data entry for the other.


Natalie Dominguez

United States

Military wife and stay at home mom who home schools 6 children by day while taking inbound calls for a pest control client in her spare time. 


Katy Samuel


Empty nester who manages villa properties by day and takes pizza orders by night.